Shop Policies

About Our Shop

This shop is run by two artists.  As such, we take great care in packing and shipping orders.  However, we are not Amazon, so please keep this in mind when purchasing from the shop.  You can review our guidelines below or message us at floralfrolicfoxes AT gmail DOT com  if you have questions.


How are items shipped?

Generally, all plush are shipped in boxes to prevent them from being punctured.  Posters are sent in cardboard tubes to prevent any creases.  Books are sent in boxes as well to protect them.  Smaller items are sent in padded envelopes.


Where do we ship to?

US and Canada destinations are both good!
Australia and New Zealand take a month to arrive, but are good.
We will ship to most countries in South America but it will take months to arrive, guesstimate at least three months. 
EU: We are sorry that we don't have the correct tax documents or shipping licenses to ship to Europe. :( We are a tiny two person business so obtaining foreign licenses is impossible. 
UK/nonEU: We're willing to try small things, like 1 - 3 enamel pins for instance, going to the UK. However, we don't have any VAT licenses, so you will definitely be charged an import fee. We aren't sure how much the fee will be. Also be sure to budget a solid month for packages to transit through the mail. 


Where are items shipped from?

All items are shipped from our studio in Western Maryland, USA.



Generally, we DO NOT accept returns.  Some customers in the past have returned heavily used or damaged items to us, so we can no longer accept returned product.  Please be sure you want what you are buying before purchasing.


Damaged Items

If you receive a damaged item in the mail, please contact us at floralfrolicfoxes AT gmail DOT com with a photo of the item, and we can discuss getting you a replacement or a refund.


Customs Fees

Overseas customers should be aware that their order may incur custom or duty fees upon import into their country.  We are not responsible for fees that may or may not be incurred up receipt.   Please check your country's customs guidelines if you have you questions about fees you may incur.  Your country may hold a package until the fee is paid.  Refunds will not be given for packages held in customs that are not claimed, unless the item is returned to us.  


Lost/Stolen Items

Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for items shipped within the US to arrive.  For international customers, we recommend 2-3 months.  If you have not received an item within that time frame, please contact us at floralfrolicfoxes AT gmail DOT com for a replacement.  In the case of items stolen from your mailbox, please be aware generally our policy is for us to replace the item with a charge of 1/2 the item cost + shipping to the customer.  You may contact us at the email address above to discuss this if this happens.



Generally, we ship using USPS, first class.  Larger items, such as plush and backpacks nearly always ship priority.  In some cases, we will ship with UPS or Fedex if the order is substantial.  If you need to pay for priority shipping, please contact us.


Wrong Address

PLEASE check your address before placing your order.  If you discover after ordering that you used the wrong address, please contact us immediately at floralfrolicfoxes AT gmail DOT com.  If you discover that you used the wrong address after we have shipped the item, you may go to and use their package intercept service to redirect the package.  Please note, additional fees apply with this service. 


Are you open for commissions/custom items? 

We are currently not open for commissions.  If there's a print you would like a canvas of or an item that you've seen us sell in person that you can't find on the site, you are welcome to contact us and we can try to get it up for you if it's available.  Customization on some items, like plush, bags and enamel pins is not possible due to production restraints.  


Wholesale/ Licensing 

We will happily wholesale any original product in the store!  Please contact us at floralfrolicfoxes AT gmail DOT com for business inquiries. 


Other Questions

Please contact us at floralfrolicfoxes AT gmail DOT com.